About Rebecca

Bast family
Rebecca Bast resides in Odessa, Florida, with her husband John and their two children, John Thomas and Cally. Rebecca enjoys playing golf, shooting sporting clays, traveling, attending sporting events and being active in her community. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Rebecca understands the definition of financial security varies from family to family as well as from person to person. That's why she strives to truly understand her clients and works hard to build meaningful relationships with them. This knowledge of her clients allows Rebecca to present them with solutions that are just as unique as they are. Between her knowledge and integrity, clients have come to realize that Rebecca is truly looking out for their best interest. Rebecca's extensive knowledge has enabled clients to have a lifetime of financial security they thought they would never have.

Rebecca Bast truly wants to make a positive impact in her client’s lives and have them achieve a financially secure future. She can also work with clients in creating a financial plan that will serve their needs over time. Please let Rebecca know how she might be able to help you realize your vision for the future.